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Hybrid Large-Scale Storage Varel

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Grid stabilization on a large scale

The hybrid large-scale storage system is an important component for a reliable and stable power supply, as it stabilizes the power grid by providing grid-serving services, such as primary control power. It can achieve a total capacity of 22,900 kWh and an output of 11,900 kW.

Project details

Grid stabilization by battery storage

An increasing proportion of electricity is produced from wind or solar power and thus depends on the weather – rather than on how much electricity businesses and households need at any given time. Nevertheless, the power grid must ensure exact balancing everywhere around the clock. A Battery storage can compensate for short-term frequency fluctuations in the power grid and thus support grid stability. This is a task that was previously performed by conventional large-scale power plants, however the battery storage system can perform this task equally efficiently. Thanks to its unique “hybrid” design, it is also suitable for many other applications and can therefore be used very flexibly. If required, it can supply up to 11.9 megawatts of power to the grid or absorb it from it. Converted, its storage capacity of almost 23 megawatt hours would be enough to supply all households in Varel with electricity for five hours.

The battery storage system in Varel combines two proven technologies: lithium-ion batteries allow rapid access to stored energy and are perfect “sprinters,” while sodium-sulfur batteries are “marathon runners” better suited for longer-term intermediate storage of larger capacities. The advantages of both battery technologies can be combined through intelligent control in such a way that the storage system can stabilize power transport in the regional power grid in the most economical way possible.

Element 107

26316 Varel, Lower Saxony

Year of manufacture: 2018
Customer: Hitachi Chemical, NGK Insulators, Hitachi Power Solutions

Facts & Figures

All facts about the project

Here you will find all the important information on technical specifications, system design, fields of application as well as the services we have provided and other interesting facts and figures on the project.

  • Project planning, installation and commissioning
  • Integration of a power battery storage with an energy storage system
  • Link to the energy market

  • 20 to 40 ft. High Cube Container (not walk-in)
  • Air conditioning for -20°C to 40°C
  • Bidirectional inverter for grid parallel operation
  • Fire alarm system to be connected to the control room
  • Dry-type transformer for outdoor

  • 2.900 kWh capacity
  • 7.500 kW output
  • 20.000 kWh capacity
  • 4.400 kW output

  • Primary control power
  • Secondary control power (with/without biogas)
  • Balance sheet correction (wind)
  • Spot trading
  • Reactive power management

Products and services

Sustainable solutions for smart energy usage

We are committed to innovative solutions that bring about groundbreaking change in the production, storage and use of energy.

Battery Storage Solutions

We are experts in industrial and utility sale storage solutions. Independent of manufacturers, we offer efficient and individual battery storage solutions for your needs - all from a single partner!

Energy Management System

Smart, autonomous, interconnected - our energy management system okean.OS controls your energy flow in multi-use-case operation. While you have an overview of everything in one user interface.

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