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Battery Storage To Achieve Aypical Grid Usage

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Batteriespeichersystem als Indoor-Lösung für eine Großbäckerei
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Against the current – earn money with atypical behavior

A bakery already does not behave like most other grid customers due to its early operating hours, but sometimes that’s not enough to have the grid operator reward its differentness. With a battery storage system installed, the Musswessels bakery is able – even with varying high-load time windows – to react flexibly, to realize atypical network useage without having to set their sights low.

Project details

Atypical network use at Musswessels

Electricity prices are rising almost continuously and represent one of the main cost factors in the production process for many companies. For optimized electricity procurement and the resulting higher profitability for the commercial customer, we have installed a battery storage system at the Rhede site. Musswessels is a large bakery supplying more than 75 bakery stores and consuming 700 MWh of electricity per year.

The battery storage is installed through a sub-distribution of a technical room of the bakery. In terms of network type, the battery storage is connected in parallel with the supply network. It is connected in parallel to the supply network without the need for significant conversion measures. The system enables atypical grid usage by discharging during periods of high grid utilization and recharging when the supply grid experiences lower loads. This grid-serving behavior facilitates the integration of renewable generation plants and is incentivized by the grid operator through substantial cost reductions. The customer’s production process can continue to operate without restrictions.

Scalability – By using different cabinet sizes, the system can be used flexibly. In addition, several storage cabinets can be coupled so that the overall system can be expanded in a modular way.

Element 107

26899 Rhede (Ems), Lower Saxony

Year of manufacture: 2019
Customer: Bakery and confectionery Musswessels

Facts & Figures

All facts about the project

Here you will find all the important information on technical specifications, system design, fields of application as well as the services we have provided and other interesting facts and figures on the project.

  • Detailed analysis of savings potentials based on the individual load profile of the commercial customer
  • Technical and economic potential analysis
  • Selection and project planning of a suitable battery storage system
  • The entire application process for obtaining the installation permit.
  • Entire application process for the installation permit
  • Control of the battery storage to achieve atypical grid usage as well as maintenance measures

  • Exterior dimensions 180 x 180 x 75 cm
  • Integrated air conditioning
  • External inverter
  • Connection to the low-voltage grid

  • 75 kWh capacity
  • 50 kW output

  • Peak Shaving
  • Atypical grid usage

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