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Charging Park With 10 Green Charging Stations

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Charging park with 10 green charging points in Mainz Kostheim with a battery storage system from be.storaged
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Charging park for SUN2CHARGE

The innovative concept of the SUN2CHARGE charging park allows users to conveniently and sustainably charge their electric vehicles without depending on conventional power sources. By harnessing renewable energies, the CO2 footprint is greatly reduced, making a significant contribution to the energy transition. Moreover, the SUN2CHARGE charging park represents a crucial milestone in promoting sustainable mobility by providing an eco-friendly infrastructure.

Project details

10 green charging stations in the island grid

The charging park, consisting of 10 charging stations, serves as an exemplary model for a sustainable and smart energy supply. The island grid powering the charging park relies on 100% locally generated energy, marking a significant stride towards a carbon-neutral future. The integrated energy management solution, okean.OS, ensures optimal utilization of energy resources. Intelligent algorithms govern the photovoltaic system, battery storage, and charging stations, guaranteeing the most efficient utilization of available energy.

The photovoltaic system is an important component of the stand-alone grid. It generates approximately 1,000 kWp of electricity, which is used to supply the charging columns and other facilities in the charging park. INTILION’s battery storage systems, which have a capacity of 560 kWh and an output of 560 kW, ensure that energy is stored when it is not needed and can be retrieved when required.

Another important aspect of the stand-alone grid is the decentralized forecasting process. By predicting the energy demand, we can make optimal use of the photovoltaic system and thus be as independent as possible from the public grid. This is particularly important for saving energy costs and protecting the environment.

Overall, the charging park with its 10 charging stations and island grid is an example of an intelligent and sustainable energy supply and with the decentralized forecasting process, we can optimally control the energy demand and thus make an important contribution to the energy transition.

Element 107

55246 Mainz-Kostheim, Wiesbaden

Year of manufacture: 2022
Customer: Opel Energie GmbH

Facts & Figures

All facts about the project

Here you will find all the important information on technical specifications, system design, fields of application as well as the services we have provided and other interesting facts and figures on the project.

  • Project planning, installation and commissioning
  • Determination of optimal battery parameters, taking into account the charging curves of electric vehicles and the expected development of charging processes
  • Selection of the technologically optimal storage setting as well as determination of the general conditions of the system

  • Indoor-Cabinet design
  • Air conditioning unit for the battery room (air conditioning for continuous operation)
  • Bi-directional grid-forming inverters for off-grid operation (off-grid & black start capable).
  • Green island grid with locally generated PV energy
  • Island grid management by okean.OS
  • Individual turnkey integration into customer buildings

  • 560 kWh battery capacity
  • 560 kW battery performance
  • 1.000 kWp Photoboltaic system
  • 10 charging stations

  • Establishment of a self-sufficient island grid
  • Capacity increase of the charging infrastructure without expansion of the grid connection

Products and services

Sustainable solutions for smart energy usage

We are committed to innovative solutions that bring about groundbreaking change in the production, storage and use of energy.

Battery Storage Solutions

We are experts in industrial and utility sale storage solutions. Independent of manufacturers, we offer efficient and individual battery storage solutions for your needs - all from a single partner!

Energy Management System

Smart, autonomous, interconnected - our energy management system okean.OS controls your energy flow in multi-use-case operation. While you have an overview of everything in one user interface.

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